Every coach at Calculated Performance are UEFA/FA Qualified and hold the relevant certificates to deliver the upmost professional service. Our team is made up of 20+ individuals from lead coaches to site managers, to area managers to regional managers, and back-room staff. The team is the fuel to the engine.

Experience in numbers

Years of Combined Experience
Individually Improved Athletes


Founders & Directors

Identical twin brothers & founders of Calculated Performance have an extreme amount of involvement in the day-to-day management of the company and still love to get their boots on, coaching 3 days per week.

Jack Dunkerley

My favourite part of my role is managing day-to-day the quality of provision we provide to aspiring athletes.

Adam Dunkerley

I love to manage the overall direction and quality of the work Calculated Performance delivers.


Our management team consists of Area Managers & Site Managers. These people are key in making the whole operation run as smoothly as possible. If you see them down at our centres be sure to speak with them.

Hugh Ferguson
Head of Football

For me, the ultimate satisfaction comes from seeing the athletes grow, and being a part of the development of current and future players!

Jordan Rodwell
Client Success Manager

Having an opportunity to coach within a 1-2-1 environment allows me to aid & nurture players and help them reach their potential.

Rhys Dandeker-Bourne
Site Manager

I’m determined to be a part of the development of players with coaching and training that improves each aspect of all the athletes.

Claire Farnbank-Harrop
Head of Female Football

I have spent 20 years coaching at professional clubs. My aim is to provide female players with holistic training programs.

coaching staff

Our ground team are the reason Calculated Performance keeps on growing and getting better. Without all of their hard-work we wouldn’t be able to achieve our mission.

Adam Owens
Lead Coach

I currently play for Glossop North End and looking to pass on the knowledge I have learned from playing to the next generation of players.

Brandon Nolan
Lead Coach

The favourite part of the role is working with players and helping them develop and achieve their potential.

Dion-Parker Minchin
Lead Coach

The best part of my job is seeing the players develop and improve over time through specialised training programs.

George Dunn
Lead Coach

I love to discover new skills that I can use on and off the field. I can then use these to pass on to our athletes.

Jack Bates
Lead Coach

An important message I always stress to my athletes is to work hard, push yourself to prove people wrong.

Jared Wild
Lead Coach

My past playing experiences include Sheffield Wednesday & Bury FC. I am able to use my past academy experience to help develop players.

Joe Keeble
Lead Coach

My favourite quote to go by is “don’t practice until you get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong.

Kieran Burywood
Lead Coach

I use my past experiences of coaching different cultures, to help grow and develop the players I work with.

Millie Chandarana
Lead Coach

I am currently a professional player for Blackburn Rovers Women's. My role is to create better opportunities for female footballers.

Oliver Gilbert
Lead Coach

I have previously played at Coventry City & Derby County. I love coaching as it allows me to build great relationships with players/parents.

Tom Richardson
Lead Coach

I’ve coached in America and Nepal and have learnt skills from different countries which I embed into my coaching now.

Frazer McDonald
Lead Coach

William Robinson
Director de Espańa

Con tanto tiempo jugando en países diferentes, quiero enseñar mis conocimientos y estudios de fútbol a la próxima generación de niños.

Lead Coach

Creo en nuestra metodología y en tecnificación deportiva porque puedes desarrollar varias cosas que no suelen tocar en los entrenos normales

José Lozano
Lead Coach

Después de tantos años como jugador quiero poner mi experiencia para trabajar y enseñar a niños a un alto nivel.


Our back-room staff help run the operations off the pitch and are responsible for things such as marketing, accounts and operations.

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My core work values

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Team work

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