Calculated Performance Says Farewell To Coach Fabian

March 29, 2022

Calculated Performance Says Farewell To Coach Fabian

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It is a bitter-sweet moment as we say good-bye (for now) to Coach Fabian, as he takes up a new opportunity with Manchester City Academy in Dubai. 

Fabian joined the team, here at Calculated Performance, on the 12th January 2022 and in this short space of time he has developed amazing relationships with all of the players and parents he has worked with.

We caught up with Fabian before he left and this is what he had to say - “I have found working with CP an amazing experience that has really helped my development as a coach. From the first session everyone was so welcoming and the atmosphere that CP create is really professional and enjoyable.

CP have really been huge for my development, 121 coaching isn't something that I've really done before but was always something that I want d to learn and improve on. Through session plans, staff training and observations, everyone at CP was able to help me improve as a coach.

Every single person was so supportive when they heard about my opportunity. No one doubted or questioned me but only gave me the support I needed and backed me in my decision to go and take this opportunity, which was a huge confidence booster.

I just want to thank CP one last time for my time with them and the opportunity they first gave me with the belief of me becoming better as well as helping the company grow, a fantastic team of lads, anyone who is given an opportunity to work with this team should feel very lucky privileged.”

We would like to thank Fabian for his service and wish him the very best for the future!

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